Mission Statement

The mission of the Florida Wine and Grape Growers Association is to promote the production and appreciation of premium grape and fine wines from Florida, and to represent unity with regard to common marketing, governmental and educational goals.

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  • Share Resources

  • Provide Instruction

  • Disseminate Information



  • Develop Awareness

  • Market and Publicize

  • Support and Sponsor Research



  • Wine and Juice Competitions

  • Governmental/Legislative Unity

  • Leadership Opportunities

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Number of Certified Florida Wineries

Acreage Under Vine in Florida

Florida Ranking in Wine Production by State

Florida Wine Production in Gallons (2012)

Growth of Certified Florida Wineries

  • 1991 3%
  • 1997 6%
  • 2003 14%
  • 2010 16%
  • 2014 24%

What is a Certified Florida Winery? (Click here for more info)

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